The Pixel 6A’s durability is apparently a match for its capable hardware and software

We already know that the midrange Pixel 6A has the right stuff on the inside, and based on the results of JerryRigEverything’s 6A durability test, it looks like it has an equally solid build quality to match. As the 6A goes under the knife in the video below, you’ll see it stand up well to scratches on the glass screen cover and camera housing, as well as surviving the flex test — not all recent midrange phones have been so fortunate.

Google put its flagship-grade chipset in this affordable $450 device, and not surprisingly, the result is flagship-grade performance. It has excellent software support, too, with its clean Android implementation and monthly security updates that it’s scheduled to receive for five years.

Sure, the screen is a 60Hz panel rather than the smoother 90Hz and 120Hz that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro (respectively) offer. And the back panel is glossy plastic rather than glass, something that JRE puts a fine point on in his video. But the device has a healthy IP67 rating for water and dust resistance and a durable aluminum frame — both rarities in phones that cost less than $500. As you can see, that level of build quality makes a difference when the chips are down. So long as you don’t take a box cutter to the back panel, the 6A should hold up well for years to come.